BioDensification™ (4/Pack)

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Create Osteotomy  |  Fill  |  Drive Implant Into Osteotomy

BioDensification™ has been shown to convert D4 bone to D2 bone during the integration phase. We’ve all had "spinners" and now you have a solution to fix this problem. Due to the technology of BioDensification™ the implant will have an immediate increase in stability. More importantly, BioDensification™ will stimulate the surrounding osteoblasts which will grow through the graft material and integrate to the implant.

When treating poor quality bone, inject BioDensification™ into the osteotomy prior to placing the implant. The implant will push BioDensification™ into the bone and convert poor bone into stronger, healthier, vital bone as integration occurs.

When you experience a "spinner" remove the implant and fill the osteotomy with BioDensification™. BioDensification™ will fill the gap between the implant and bone while stimulating the surrounding osteoblasts to grow through BioDensification™ and integrate to the implant surface.

Strongly recommend systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post-op patient instructions.