Socket Graft Injectable (4/Pack)

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Storage: Refrigerate product upon arrival. Keep refrigerated until use.

To see information and case studies on this product on our main website: Socket Graft Injectable

Unlike Socket Graft Plus, this material does not contain βTCP granules.

The FDA has cleared this product for implant placement 8 weeks after grafting. During implant placement at 8 weeks after grafting, the grafted site is filled with proliferating osteoblasts, making it an ideal time for implant placement. At 8 weeks, the vitality will be higher than normal bone and provide for a higher level of bone to implant integration due to the osteoblasts secreting osteoid onto the implant surface.

Socket Graft Injectable contains SL Factor, an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL Factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. The DNA then turns on the process of osteogenesis, stimulating over 300 genes of the cell. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process.

Socket Graft Injectable offers ease of application to deliver optimal bone quality with bone to implant integration due to its osteogenic properties. More importantly, our graft material increases implant success rates.

Achieve higher acceptance rates by informing your patients that this material:

  • Is safe
  • Is non-allergenic
  • Will not cause an inflammatory reaction
  • Contains absolutely NO human or animal product
  • Poses no risk of disease transmission
  • Completely resorbs
  • Is quickly replaced by their own healthy, normal, vital bone


Instructions for Use

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Richard on 8th Jan 2017

    I've enjoyed using this product very much. Very easy to use and the results have been great so far. Follow the recommendations provided by Dr. Steiner and you will get great results.