Socket Graft Injectable™ (4/Pack)

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Socket Graft Injectable is a high viscosity putty intended to be used when all 4 bony walls are present after extraction.


  • Extract and debride the socket
  • Keep the socket as dry as possible (blood does not need to be present, it is the osteoblasts that live in the bone being targeted) packing gauze wetted with lidocaine into the socket will help reduce blood flow and allow for better handling of the graft material
  • Inject the graft material beginning from the apex moving towards the gingival margin and slightly overfill the socket (packing is not required)
  • Use a flat instrument to condense the graft material to fill voids
  • Cover with a Teflon membrane 

Indications for Use:

  • Extractions with all bony walls present:  Inject and cover with a Teflon Membrane. 
  • Extraction sites that retain their socket walls but have a minor sinus perforation into the sinus:  Inject by expressing some graft material into the sinus to occlude the perforation and cover with a Teflon Membrane. Instruct patient to not cover nose while sneezing or coughing. Place implant in 3 months.
  • Extraction site with extensive infections and fistulas:  If extensive bleeding after extraction occurs, place a 2x2 gauze in the socket, soaking gauze with lidocaine is also helpful until bleeding has stopped, inject graft and cover with a Teflon Membrane.

Strongly recommend systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions.


1 Review

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Richard on 8th Jan 2017

    I've enjoyed using this product very much. Very easy to use and the results have been great so far. Follow the recommendations provided by Dr. Steiner and you will get great results.