Immediate Graft (4/Pack)

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Directions for Use

Immediate Graft is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement and requires no mixing. The graft material rests in a frozen silicone tray, which holds 0.25 cc of graft material. The 4-pack includes 4 trays. Each tray is housed inside 2 sterile packages: a small clear pouch within a white, branded outer pouch.

This material is designed to fill the defects between the bony walls and the immediate implant while integrating to the dental implant.

Not only is Immediate Graft used to fill a defect with bone, it can also be used in areas of isolated periodontal lesions and endodontic apicoectomies and is proven to produce integration to immediate implants.

Immediate implant placement has many advantages to our patients that provides the clinician and the patient with the best aesthetic results. Historically, the defects around the coronal portion of immediate implants were grafted with various materials such as cadaver bone, autografts, and animal grafts. However, studies have shown that while these grafts would result in bone filling the defect they did not result with the bone integrating to the implant. This lack of integration to the implant surface at the most critical portion of the implant has resulted in recession, peri-implantitis, and at times, loss of the implant.

Systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions is strongly recommended.

For more information and case studies on this product, visit its page on our main website: Immediate Graft

Immediate Graft contains SL Factor, an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL Factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. The DNA then turns on the process of osteogenesis, stimulating over 300 genes of the cell. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process.

Immediate Graft offers ease of application to deliver optimal bone quality with bone to implant integration due to its osteogenic properties. More importantly, our graft material increases implant success rates.

Offer your patients these products and achieve higher acceptance rates by informing them that this material:

  • Is safe
  • Is non-allergenic
  • Will not cause an inflammatory reaction
  • Contains absolutely NO human or animal product
  • Poses no risk of disease transmission
  • Completely resorbs
  • Is quickly replaced by the patient's own healthy, normal, vital bone