Immediate Graft (4/Pack)

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Storage: Freeze product upon arrival. Keep frozen until use.

Volume: 0.25 cc

Quantity: Each order contains a 4 units of 0.25 cc

This material is designed to fill the defects between the bony walls and the immediate implant while integrating to the dental implant.

Immediate Graft is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement.

Not only is Immediate Graft used to fill a defect with bone, it can also be used in areas of isolated periodontal lesions and endodontic apicoectomies and is proven to produce integration to immediate implants.

Systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions is strongly recommended.

Using animal or human products with SteinerBio bone graft products is not recommended.

This product contains no human or animal tissue.