Ridge Graft Kit™

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  • 1cc of Ridge Graft™
  • 1cc packet of OsseoConduct™ Standard granules (500-1000 microns)


Ridge Graft Kit™ is ideal for:  Ridge Augmentations, Perio Lesions, and Lateral Sinus Elevations

Its consistency is a putty form material that needs to be mixed with OsseoConduct granules to hold form.

1cc of OsseoConduct™ Standard Granules is included in this Kit

Ridge Graft Kit™ contains SL Factor™, an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL Factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. The DNA then turns on the process of osteogenesis, stimulating over 300 genes of the cell. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital new bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process. This mixture is completely resorbed in 6 months and replaced by high functioning healthy bone.

Offer your patients these osteogenic synthetic dental bone grafts and get higher acceptance rates by making your patients feel safe and at ease knowing there are no adverse reactions or chances of disease transmission and are fully resorbed and replaced with normal healthy vital bone.