OsseoConduct Micron 10cc

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OsseoConduct Micron is a synthetic, micro-porous, biocompatible beta tricalcium powder intended for air abrasion for detoxification of implant surfaces.

To date, air abrasion has been shown to be the most effective method of cleaning an implant surface. Abrasive powders used to clean implant surfaces are known to bond to the implant surface and the abrasive material then becomes another foreign material that impedes bone growth and integration. In order to produce a surface that is clean and biocompatible but also promotes mineralization, we have produced an abrasive powder made from our OsseoConduct βTCP bone graft granules.

As a clinician driven company, we developed OsseoConduct to meet the following criteria:

  • Not elicit an inflammatory response
  • Have no potential for disease transmission
  • Be significantly resorbed in 3 months
  • Be designed to prevent bacterial colonization

For more information and case studies on this product, visit its page on our main website: OsseoConduct

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