OsseoConduct Standard Granules (500-1000 microns) 5/Pack

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Directions for Use

Standard Granule size: 500-1000 microns

Packet Volume: 0.5 cc or 1.0 cc

Packet Quantity: Each order contains 5 packets

OsseoConduct βTCP is a synthetic, micro-porous, biocompatible beta tricalcium bone grafting material intended for use as a general bone grafting material. OsseoConduct granules maintain graft site volume and are resorbed and replaced with normal bone in 4-6 months.

As a clinician driven company, we developed OsseoConduct to meet the following criteria:

  • Not elicit an inflammatory response
  • Have no potential for disease transmission
  • Maintain volume as it is being resorbed and new bone is formed
  • Produce bone with normal form and function
  • Be significantly resorbed in 3 months
  • Be able to handle reasonable load in order to resist deformation during the remodeling phase
  • Be cost effective for the patient and practitioner
  • Allow ease of application
  • Be designed to prevent bacterial colonization

Systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions is strongly recommended.

For more information and case studies on this product, visit its page on our main website: OsseoConduct

Studies Confirm βTCP Is Equal To Or Better than Both Autografts & Allografts

“Modern beta tricalcium phosphate bone grafts perform as well or better than allografts or autografts. The negatives of autograft morbidity and cadaver harvesting makes high performing βTCP a superior choice.”
Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2017 Apr