OsseoConduct™ Standard Granules (500-1000 microns)

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Standard Granule size: 500-1000 microns

Each order contains 2 packets.

OsseoConduct™ is a synthetic, micro-porous, biocompatible beta tricalcium bone grafting material intended for use as a general bone grafting material. For optimal treatment, mix with Socket Graft™, which contains SL Factor, our osteogenic compound. OsseoConduct™ granules maintain graft site volume and are resorbed and replaced with normal bone in 4-6 months. 

OsseoConduct™ is one of the rare graft materials that is pyrogen free because there is no detectable inflammatory response.  When grafting with OsseoConduct™, it is the process of remodeling rather than encapsulation that produces normal bone in a short amount of time. OsseoConduct™ is a bone graft matrix for the natural process of bone remodeling that converts this biocompatible synthetic graft material into normal bone. During resorption, OsseoConduct™ granules provide the calcium and phosphate for mineralization of living bone without an inflammatory response. 

Strongly recommend systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions.

Studies Confirm βTCP Is Equal To Or Better than Both Autografts & Allografts

“Modern beta tricalcium phosphate bone grafts perform as well or better than allografts or autografts. The negatives of autograft morbidity and cadaver harvesting makes high performing βTCP a superior choice.”
Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2017 Apr