Socket Graft™ (4/Pack)

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Apply Frozen | Flows in Socket | Packable Putty

Indicated for use when all 4 bony walls are in tact after extraction. Implant placement, 8 weeks after grafting. Does not contain bTCP granules unlike Socket Graft Plus. During implant placement at 8 weeks, the grafted site is filled with proliferating osteoblasts making it an ideal time for implant placement.  The bone has not fully mineralized therefore, when creating the osteotomy, the density will not be as high as normal bone however, the vitality will be higher than normal bone and provide for a higher level of bone to implant integration due to the osteoblasts secreting osteoid onto the implant surface. 

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The extreme thickness of Socket Graft™ allows for ease of application and resists blood flow and fills the entire socket without push back from residual peripheral hemorrhage. Your dense PTFE membrane will stick to the surface of Socket Graft™ making it easier to handle as the membrane is tucked in the margins. 


Do not allow the graft material to thaw and use directly out of the freezer. The first frozen petal will thaw within a few seconds when placed into the socket. The sequential petals will begin to thaw when reaching the gingival margin (at this time, the petals can be cut in half) and will maintain their malleable form until the socket is completely packed and cover with a Dense Teflon membrane. 

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