Socket Graft (4/Pack)

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Directions for Use

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7953 - Bone Replacement Graft (Socket Graft)

4267 - GTR-Non-Resorbable Membrane

Apply Frozen | Flows in Socket | Packable Putty

Socket Graft is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement. The graft material rests in a frozen silicone tray, which comes in 2 volumes: 1.0 cc and 0.5 cc. The 4-pack includes 4 trays of either size. Each tray is housed inside 2 sterile packages: a small clear pouch within a white, branded outer pouch.

This material is intended for use when all 4 bony walls are intact after extraction.

The FDA has cleared Socket Graft for implant placement 8 weeks after grafting. During implant placement at 8 weeks, the grafted site is filled with proliferating osteoblasts, making it an ideal time for implant placement. At 8 weeks, the vitality will be higher than normal bone and provide for a higher level of bone to implant integration due to the osteoblasts secreting osteoid onto the implant surface.

For more information and case studies on this product or its biological components, visit its page on our main website: Socket Graft.

For the injectable version of this product, see Socket Graft Injectable.

Unlike Socket Graft Plus, this material does not contain βTCP granules.


  • Retrieve material from freezer and use immediately; do not allow the graft material to thaw.
  • Open the white pouch and dispense the clear package onto the surgical site.
  • Before opening the clear pouch, bend the tray to loosen the petals.
  • The carrier is made of a medical grade silicone and will flex; keeping the package sealed will prevent the petals from falling out.
  • Cut open the clear pouch and use the bone graft immediately.
  • Debride the socket and apply the first frozen petal; the petal will thaw within a few seconds after being placed into the socket.
  • The subsequent petals will begin to thaw when reaching the gingival margin, but will remain malleable for packing form until the socket is completely packed.
  • Cutting the petals in half will facilitate placement when approaching the crest.
  • Cover with a dense Teflon membrane.
  • Place Oral Bond (dental adhesive) on the sutures and margins of the membrane to create a hermetic seal, preventing oral fluids from entering the grafted site.
  • Remove the sutures in 2 weeks and the membrane in 1 month, exposing a healthy, mineralized crest.

Systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions is strongly recommended.

Instructional Video:

For demonstration of use, watch the instructional video below. The extreme thickness of Socket Graft allows for ease of application, resists blood flow, and fills the entire socket without push back from residual peripheral hemorrhage. Your d-PTFE membrane will stick to the surface of Socket Graft making it easier to handle as the membrane is tucked in the margins.

Socket Graft contains SL Factor, an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL Factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. The DNA then turns on the process of osteogenesis, stimulating over 300 genes of the cell. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process.

Socket Graft offers ease of application to deliver optimal bone quality with bone to implant integration due to its osteogenic properties. More importantly, our graft material increases implant success rates.

Offer your patients these products and achieve higher acceptance rates by informing them that this material:

  • Is safe
  • Is non-allergenic
  • Will not cause an inflammatory reaction
  • Contains absolutely NO human or animal product
  • Poses no risk of disease transmission
  • Completely resorbs
  • Is quickly replaced by the patient's own healthy, normal, vital bone

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