Sinus Graft™ 2cc (2/Pack)

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Sinus Graft™ 2/Pack includes 2 kits, each containing 2cc of graft material and one dispensing tip. Primary indication is injection through a microsurgical osteotomy for hydraulically lifting the sinus membrane for either crestal or lateral lifts. Due to its flow-able and low viscosity characteristics of use, it is not advised to be used with the classic lateral window sinus elevation.

For the large classic window elevation, we recommend using Ridge Graft™ mixed with OsseoConduct™ βTCP Standard Granules

Mixing Ratio: Mix 1 Syringe of Ridge Graft™ to 2cc of OsseoConduct™ Standard βTCP Granules

Strongly recommend systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions.


Click here to view the Steiner Sinus Lift in the Journal of Implantology: Minimally Invasive Sinus Augmentation:


Click here to view the video of the Steiner Sinus Lift: